February 9, 2023
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3 Powerful Black History Month Marketing Campaigns Over the Last 3 Years

Black History Month is an incredible time to celebrate and honor diversity in all aspects of our culture. Brands have the opportunity to highlight what they are doing to enact change and uplift members of the Black community. Impactful campaigns can make a difference as the fight for justice continues. Since 2020, we have seen more brands prioritize this month as a time they can highlight members of the Black community and make commitments to creating changes. While boosting these voices year-round is essential, we are looking at three of our favorite Black History Month Campaigns from the past three years.


Target’s 2022 Black Beyond Measure

In 2022, Target focused on “honoring the sacrifices of Black leaders of the past while amplifying and celebrating the voices of the Black community of today.” To do this, they partnered with not only members of their community, but reached out to other designers and entrepreneurs to create a specific product assortment. The line included apparel, accessories, and products, including designs from the three winners of their annual HBCU design challenge. 

Target has also vowed to continue making changes year-round within their organization to support Black community members. One way they do this is by supporting Black-owned businesses through the creation of scholarship opportunities for HBCUs.


Spotify Spotlighting Black Creators in 2021

Spotify’s take on spotlighting Black creators extended past music in 2021. They had guests create curated playlists that uplifted and celebrated Black History Month. Along with commemorating Black voices and history in music, they reached out to artists to create the cover art of the playlists through photography. This allowed them to include more Black creators outside the realm of music. 

Along with art, Spotify helped create and showcase special podcasts with different guests to discuss big topics in the Black community. To help people find all this art, they created a Black History Is Now hub making it easy to access for everyone. 


Adobe’s Joy, Community, Creativity Campaign 2022

Adobe has committed to consistently amplifying Black voices within its organization, structure, and social media. To create Adobe’s 2022 Campaign centered around Joy, Community, and Creativity, they partnered with their own Black Employee Network. To amplify voices, they focused on sharing Black stories and highlighting Women Created Wednesdays, a series shown on their social media platforms. Sharing the stories of Black Creators was the focus of their 2022 campaign. 

Companies continuing to make space for Black voices and history is vital as we continue to fight injustices in our world. Celebrating Black History Month through a powerful campaign is one impactful way that brands can help bring awareness to these issues. As we continue into February, our team at Strat Labs keeps our eyes on the brands truly impacting this space and applaud them. We hope they continue to push others to make a difference and help uplift voices of the Black community. 

If you are looking to amplify your Black History Month story or cause, we at Strat Labs have a team of experts that can help you gain visibility and increase your impact. Connect with us today!

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