October 20, 2022
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5 Design Trends You’ll Want to Know for Your 2023 Social Impact Campaigns

Graphic design is constantly changing, just like any other creative industry. As 2022 comes to an end, we’ve seen new design trends emerge, old trends fade, and some trends stay relevant. To keep your social impact campaigns fresh, it’s great to draw inspiration from what’s “in” right now.

While we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, here’s what we expect to be the five most popular trends for 2023.


Dimensional Elements and Typography

This past year, we saw retro-inspired graphics. These tended to be flatter, and the illustration style looked hand drawn. Now we feel like the exact opposite will become popular. Design that looks like it’s popping off the page with realistic texture will stand out and set you apart. If you have a social impact brand (nonprofit, school, foundation, conscious brand), this is something you want to consider, as it will help position your brand as being modern and on-trend, which helps to engage the community. 


Bright and Bold Color Palettes 

Goodbye muted tones; hello, eye-catching colors! While we know 2020-2022 was full of desert-like tones that made Gen Z giddy, there is something very satisfying about a design with bright solid colors and minimal elements. Instead of trying multiple techniques to draw the viewer’s eye in, whether it be typography or hierarchy, this is a more direct and clean approach. Social impact brands must consider adopting these colors into some of their campaigns to ensure they are constantly drawing either their donor or customer in.


Diversity in Illustration

There is a severe lack of representation in media and design. This is not news. But it remains to be. Every individual, especially those responsible for the look and feel of their brand, must be vigilant and correct this problem. Especially if working in social impact, your designs MUST reflect the diversity of your customers and constituents. This means considering not only photos but what the photos represent, colors and other design elements. Including illustrations of all ages, ethnicities, and abilities allows each audience member to feel seen.



When speaking about trends, it’s important to note that they are cyclical. Bauhaus’s design style, which gained popularity in the 1950s, is back in full force. Using shapes to create minimalistic illustrations makes Bauhaus easily digestible. Everything is clear and far from boring, which is where you want to be when representing your social impact brand. Clear and far from boring. Repeat after me.


Nature Inspired Design

Rooted in *pun intended* earthy palettes and organic texture, the natural design gives the viewer some inner peace and tranquility. If you work in social impact, especially for a brand or organization that represents and supports the climate, this is a trend to lean into for 2023. 


As 2023 quickly approaches and the trends begin to shift, we will see how graphic design will mirror what is happening in the world around us. As we can see, social impact is a theme threading throughout these trends. We’re excited and interested to see what’s to come in 2023! 

If you work in social impact and are looking to bolster your brand’s design efforts heading into the new year, Strat Labs have you covered. Reach out to connect with our Senior Creative Manager! We can be your design expert in implementing these trends, reinvigorating your design needs, and injecting life into your impactful cause for the world to see. 


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