Power Your Profitability Through Social Responsibility.

In order to remain viable and competitive, it is critical for companies to build and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Strat Labs’ innovative approach to CSR will help set you apart in the eyes of consumers, stakeholders, investors, and board members.

Our Offerings

-Understand individual CSR landscape and starting point
-Audit current CSR goals and industry benchmarks
-Articulate your CSR goals and how to effectively communicate internally
-Align CSR initiatives with company objectives
-Socialize your CSR goals

-Communicate your CSR Plan
-Identify your Champions and Challenger Network
-Align with like-minded non-profit
-Determine Measuring Metrics and Timing
-Lean into company partners
-Evaluate any blindspots
-Outline CSR impact for stakeholders, amplifying results and participation
-Pitch your program for Executive and Shareholder buy-in

-Inventory projects, volunteerism, communication and results driving CSR agenda & your business’ profitability
-Refine and Refresh goals and activities to meet sustainable CSR strategy
-Actively measure activities against goals
-Measure outcomes within current business processes
-Communicate successes and best practices both internally and externally

Why Strat Labs?

Strat Labs’ approach is grounded in deeply understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each organization’s stakeholders, especially those whose interests intersect with your mission and impact goals.

We will engage in traditional strategies, but then we go beyond this by identifying unique opportunities for you to connect CSR metrics to your business goals and successes. This is essential to optimize your impact and growth.

Times have changed. Companies can take action — without compromising profits — in order to contribute to positive environmental and social change.

Strat Labs customizes offerings based on need and budget.

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