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May 22, 2024
9:30 – {end_time}

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Candace Richter

CSR Specialist

Candace has spent her 25+ year career developing, executing, and leading business strategies in the private and nonprofit sector. Beginning her career in a robust management program with Bank of America, she moved on to hone her development and marketing skills working at the Discovery Channel among other media giants. Candace then founded a nonprofit in 2011, which continues to provide support to families with premature babies (beemighty.org).

Candace spent the last seven years at Denver-based, hospitality startup, Inspirato, where she was able to help pioneer a new business line, Inspirato for Good, generating 7M internally and another 7M to nonprofits in just nine months.

Christine Yeager

Sustainability Specialist

Christine has spent her 15 year career in the CPG industry honing her skills in strategic decision making, Commercial Execution, and Program Management.

As the Director of Sustainability PMO at Coca-Cola, she set the agenda for the North America Operating Unit’s execution plan to meet the various sustainability commitments spanning Climate, Water Stewardship, and Circularity. Now, she helps organizations focus on operationalizing and scaling; using sustainable choices to drive growth in your business.

Stakeholder Engagement: The Power of Influence

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