Judaism Your Way: Fundraising Campaign

Challenge accepted

In 2020, Judaism Your Way experienced record attendance for High Holidays, Shabbat services, and community programs. Due to this incredible community growth, Judaism Your Way needed to purchase a second Torah and Ark to meet the growing demand for ceremonies, services and experiences throughout the year.

Solution proposed

Strat Labs worked with Judaism Your Way to outline a strategy for this fundraising campaign. We started by identifying two target groups for the campaign that have personally benefited from the Torah and Ark: 1) Families who have participated in their Open Tent Be Mitzvah program and 2) Participants in previous services.

We crafted unique messaging for each group to appeal to their personal interests and experiences based on their past attendance with Judaism Your Way.

Problem solved

Judaism Your Way exceeded their goal of raising $35,000 in 30 days to purchase their second Torah and Ark by raising over $37,000.