Croon: Community Engagement Campaign

Challenge accepted

croon is a non-toxic and sustainable microfiber that both cleanses and exfoliates. The most common hesitation faced by potential customers is: does it really work? With croon, you have to see it to believe it! croon wanted to get their product in the hands of skeptical potential customers to try it for themselves.

Solution proposed

Strat Labs conducted initial market research to determine that people pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle were most interested in and likely to purchase croon. Based on this finding, we crafted a campaign to target this group.

The campaign was entitled the No Soap Challenge. 75 challenge participants would receive a FREE croon if they committed to ditching their typical facial cleanser for 7 days and only using croon. In exchange, participants were asked to submit photos and videos as well as complete a survey upon completion of the 7 days.

To attract participants, Strat Labs set up croon co-owners to speak on the Sustainable Minimalists podcast and discuss why croon was started, the importance of making sustainable swaps in your home, and announce the challenge.

Next, Strat Labs promoted the challenge in various online communities, such as Facebook Groups, to reach a wider audience.


Problem solved

croon received 200+ submissions to participate in the challenge, and decided to increase their number of challenge participants to 150!

In total, challenge participants submitted over 160 photos and videos for croon to utilize as user generated content in future marketing initiatives.

In just one quarter, croon experienced:
3.9% increase in new users to their website
21.8% increase in email subscribers
1.8% increase in followers on Instagram
4.7% increase in followers on Facebook