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Soul Centered Community Building

Challenge accepted

Soul Centered is a spiritual center for individuals seeking meaning, purpose, and healing in The Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond). While they have numerous program offerings and relevant content, they needed to achieve awareness and sales conversions.

Solution proposed

Strat Labs assessed the existing programs and content, identifying Soul Centered’s free OM Your Power program as the easiest entry point to convert customers. Starting with market research and intentional messaging, we created ads and email drip campaigns encouraging those to sign up for the free program, and then continue on with the organization for paid programs.

To capture a broader audience, we implemented a social media strategy that involved numerous Clubhouse events. First, Strat Labs promoted the event in various online communities, such as Facebook Groups, to encourage participation among a broader audience. Second, by requesting larger rooms to host on Clubhouse, Soul Centered reached thousands of new individuals interested in their content and services.

Strat Labs captured all participants’ contact information and followed up with them on Instagram and Twitter to encourage them to follow Soul Centered and explore their offerings.

Soul Centered
Soul Centered
Soul Centered

Problem solved

Soul Centered hosted 3 Clubhouse events in one quarter. Each event averaged about 60 active participants. Since Clubhouse events began, they’ve captured 20 new members in their private Soul Centered Community Facebook Group and hundreds of new followers on Instagram.

In just one quarter, Soul Centered experienced:
60 new email subscribers
25% average email open rate, with an average of 57 clicks per newsletter
27 Thinkific orders that correlated directly with newsletter and social media content
97.5% increase in Instagram followers
2.2% increase in Facebook followers
More 400 new followers on Instagram and more than 24 likes and followers on Facebook