The 2024 Super Bowl Ads That Made a Difference: A Closer Look at Social Impact
February 20, 2024
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The 2024 Super Bowl Ads That Made a Difference: A Closer Look at Social Impact

The Super Bowl, a cornerstone of American culture, not only showcases the pinnacle of professional football but also serves as a prime platform for some of the most innovative and talked-about commercials each year. The 2024 Super Bowl was no exception, with advertisers seizing the opportunity to make a statement far beyond the traditional sales pitch. But did brands use the big game as a vehicle for social change in 2024? See below for our top social impact ads from Super Bowl LVIII:


Dove: Hard Knocks

Dove’s latest Super Bowl ad delivers a powerful message on body positivity and the impact of beauty standards on young female athletes. Highlighting the real challenge of low body confidence, the ad shows young women in sports facing setbacks not from their failures, but from societal pressures. The 30-second spot highlights Dove’s Body Confident Sport Program, a collaborative effort with Nike, offering free resources to help educators boost girls’ self-esteem and keep them engaged in sports. This campaign underscores the importance of supporting young athletes beyond physical training, focusing on mental resilience and self-acceptance.


Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS): Silence

The FCAS continued its moving campaign message of #StandUpToJewishHate and  #StandUpToAllHate on the big stage. Narrated by Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech writer, Clarence B. Jones, the ad emphasizes the importance of speaking out against hate while making a plea against silence. Jones tells us, “I’d remind people that all hate thrives on one thing: silence.” and “The people who will change the nation are those who speak out, who refuse to be bystanders … When we stand up to silence, we stand up to all hate.” Launched by Robert K. Kraft in 2019, the Foundation aims to rally both Jewish and non-Jewish communities against hate, especially as antisemitism surges.


Google: Javier in Frame 

Google enters the accessibility space with its 2024 ad highlighting the profound impact of technology on accessibility, showcasing a visually impaired individual using Google’s Pixel 8 guided frame feature. This functionality assists him in capturing significant life moments, from adventures with his partner to personal milestones like completing a marathon and welcoming his first child. Through this narrative, Google demonstrates how advanced smartphone features can transcend mere convenience, offering meaningful support to those with diverse abilities and illustrating the potential for tech companies to contribute positively beyond their products.


NFL’s Character Playbook: Mental Health

The NFL used its own ad space to bring attention to youth mental health, featuring players Cam Heyward and George Kittle vocalizing the struggles faced by many children today. By sharing real stories of anxiety and isolation, the ad aims to dispel the stigma around mental health, emphasizing that anyone can be affected, regardless of their outward success or strength. Highlighting the Character Playbook initiative—a collaboration with Everfi, funded by the NFL Foundation—the ad showcases efforts to support over two million students in building mental resilience. The NFL seeks to expand this impact, inviting schools to join the program for free, reinforcing the message that “It Takes All of Us” to address mental health challenges.


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