July 6, 2022
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The Social Impact of Sports

Every year, teams in their respective sports, whether professional or not, embark on a journey to represent their cities and states and achieve the ultimate goal of winning a championship for their fans and players. When you think about it, there is so much we can learn from the community building that sports entertainment has mastered.

Sports entertainment brings together people from all different backgrounds and beliefs to be fully invested in a simple game and one team. This impact stretches far and wide, and those who have the honor of experiencing a championship from their favorite team in their hometown can genuinely say it’s life-altering for the better and blurs differences in the world to make room for a unified celebration. 


Denver’s Community in Uproar from Colorado Avs Stanley Cup Win


Strat Labs experienced firsthand what it’s like to live and breathe a championship in our hometown with the Colorado Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup earlier this month. The city of Denver and, the entire state of Colorado has been invested in the “Avs” since 1995, providing unwavering support. 

In 2022, 22 years since the Avs  last raised the Stanley Cup in Denver, the rawest joy and jubilation was once again felt in the Mile High City, bringing together a community and giving back a lifeline of happiness to millions of people. This feeling didn’t happen with a three-month community-building strategy before playoffs games, this excitement comes from years of engaging fans and building moments that lead to an almost perfect season and perfect moment for this team.


Sports Teams Have A Significant Impact On Our Community


The vast social impact of a major sports championship is something like no other in this world. Sports truly touch all aspects of human life, and while there is the failure and tribulation that come with losses, the social impact of winning is the commonality of joy with everyone involved that in turn improves communities, relationships and lives. 

According to a review of the social impacts of culture and sport by Case (The Culture and Sport Evidence Programme), “The most convincing evidence of social impact concerns improved health, reduced crime, increased social capital and improved education outcomes. In addition, links to subjective well being.”  


The Impact Athletes Have On Our Community


Along with the game’s impact on society, the players’ impact is just as significant. Philanthropic initiatives within sports organizations and the players connect the community to its favorite teams and vice versa. 

Players start their own foundations, nonprofits, and organizations to give back. Colorado Avalanche Forward, Nazem Kadri, started the Nazem Kadri Foundation back in 2017 in an effort to support local charitable causes in Canada and the United States. “The Nazem Kadri Foundation’s goal is to make a positive change by working in partnership with local Canadian and American organizations to raise awareness and funding to support causes.” Just last week, a simple T-shirt Kadri wore during the championship parade raised $47,000 that will be used to support local charities. 

As the saying goes, ‘it’s just a game,’ but in reality, it is much more than just a game in the grand scheme of the role sports play in society and its great social impact on civilization. We here in Denver, Colorado, will feel that for a long time.  

We understand building community is hard and that’s where our team comes into play. At Strat Labs, we work with mission-based businesses and nonprofit organizations to the next level of social impact and community building. If your team is looking for experts to help craft strategies that connect with your audience in a way that they haven’t before, we would love to take the next steps toward your social impact initiatives. 


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