July 13, 2023
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THREADS: 5 Things to Know About the New Social Platform

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has recently launched Threads, a new social platform that has gained attention for its resemblance to Twitter. With its unique integration with Instagram, Threads offers an exciting new space for individuals and brands to connect with communities and share their ideas, opinions, and creativity. When diving deeper into everything Threads, we outlined five key aspects of Zuckerberg’s newest creation that you should know about:

The Instagram Connection

Unlike most new social networks, Threads is built off the foundation of Instagram. While it operates as a stand-alone app, users are required to sign up using their Instagram account. This integration not only streamlines the sign-up process but also provides instant access to Instagram’s vast user base of 2.35 billion monthly active users. Threads’ auto-follow feature, which automatically follows every account a user follows on Instagram, ensures a high likelihood of immediate engagement and a thriving user experience.

The Potential for Brands

Brands should pay attention to Threads and consider establishing their presence on the platform. With a rapidly growing user base and the ability to reach scale quickly, Threads presents a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with their audience and drive engagement. Moreover, brands can leverage their existing content from Instagram and Twitter to maintain consistency and repurpose their successful posts. By adopting a strategic approach and experimenting with different types of content, brands can effectively engage with users and build a loyal following on Threads.

Content Strategies for Threads

When crafting content strategies for Threads, it is essential to understand the platform’s unique characteristics. Although Threads has similarities to Twitter, its integration with Instagram means that users are more accustomed to visual content such as photos and videos. Brands can start by leveraging their existing Twitter and Instagram strategies and adapting them to the Threads platform. Mixing written content with repurposed photo and video content can help brands experiment and find what resonates best with their audience on Threads.

The Impact on Twitter

While Threads resembles Twitter in many ways, it is uncertain whether it will pose a significant threat to the established social media giant. Twitter users are unlikely to migrate to Threads unless they are dissatisfied with the recent changes implemented by Twitter itself. The success of Threads depends on its ability to offer a unique value proposition and attract users seeking a different experience or exploring new social platforms. Ultimately, the coexistence of Threads and Twitter will depend on user preferences and their willingness to adapt to a new platform.

Strat Labs’ 5-Step Action Plan for Brands and Marketers

  • Make an account to save your domain/handle
  • Upload one introductory post so people know what your company does
  • Leave one post and observe the community culture of the platform, explore around
  • Find ways to jump in on popular activity or trends
  • Monitor and develop a plan for 30/60 days from now to activate your own content

While we don’t have a crystal ball to see what the future holds for Threads, especially when looking at it through a social impact lens, we are excited to see how the platform can help organizations and companies foster deeper connections, encourage collaboration, and ensure diverse voices are heard. Over the next month, we will continue monitoring the landscape and see where social impact fits into it.

Until then, if your organization is looking to bolster its marketing, communications, or philanthropic strategy, drop us a line to connect with our team of experts today!

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