August 3, 2022
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Three Things You Must Consider for Major Donor Marketing

Customers begin their “buyer’s journey” from the moment they are introduced to a brand. A buyer’s journey is an essential and critical step in any sales process. It is used to help companies determine the touchpoints and actions needed to convert interested individuals to lifelong advocates for your brand. 

This process is no different for cultivating major donors, although we have simplified it to make it easier for our overworked and overtaxed nonprofit partners. 



The major donor’s journey begins with awareness of your work to support your cause. This is their first exposure to your organization, where you want to make them aware of who you are through word of mouth, paid advertising, or public relations. 



Once they are aware, it is your job to capture and hold their interest. You might do this through a dynamic fundraising campaign, an intriguing and inspiring story of a recipient or participant.



If you have successfully captured their attention and inspired them, they should have a desire to support your organization. There should be very little left to do other than to ASK! If there are other factors or potential objections, these should be addressed in person or over zoom (not email) to ensure you understand their concern. 

It is important to note that understanding your target audience and buyer persona is necessary to work through your organization’s major donor’s journey. Putting those pieces together will help you grow your organization and major donor cultivation lists.

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