June 22, 2023
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5 Pride Month Campaigns That Have Made A Real Impact

Many companies and organizations show their support for the LGBTQ+ community by incorporating rainbow colors into their logos and slogans for Pride Month. However, some campaigns go beyond logo changes and make a real impact on the community. Here are five Pride Month campaigns that made a difference by championing the LGBTQ+ community with activism, partnerships, and donations:

Absolut Vodka’s “Leading With Pride” campaign

Absolut Vodka states they have supported the LGBTQ+ community since the 1980s. They have had multiple Pride campaigns since, and in 2022, they donated $1 to charity every time someone listened to an LGBTQ+ story on their Out & Open site. As part of their “Leading With Pride” campaign, they sell a limited edition rainbow bottle designed by Gilbert Baker, the designer of the original pride flag, and have donated hundreds of thousands to charity.

Nike’s “Be True” collection

Starting in 2012, Nike’s “Be True” collection is an annual campaign that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and raises awareness of the challenges they face. The collection, designed by LGBTQ+ designers, features sneakers, apparel, and accessories with rainbow accents and other LGBTQ+ symbols. In addition to the products, Nike has been able to host events to support the LGBTQ+ community and has raised millions of dollars for community causes through Be True. They have even gone as far as deleting every comment on their Instagram involving hate speech and bullying, telling their customers to “be kind to one another.”

Skittles’ “Give the Rainbow” campaign

Since 2020, Skittles has removed the rainbow from their candy as part of their “Give the Rainbow” campaign during Pride Month. Instead, Skittles releases limited edition packs of white Skittles, stating, “We’ve given up our rainbow so that the LGBTQ+ community can share theirs.” They donate $1 to GLAAD, a leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, for every Skittles Pride Pack sold. They also partner with the Queery podcast, encouraging site visitors to share their stories to be featured on the podcast.

Spotify’s “GLOW” equity program

Spotify doesn’t just take the month of June to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. In January of 2023, they released the GLOW hub, a year-long dedicated space on Spotify to highlight audio offerings of LGBTQ+ voices for queer listeners and allies. As part of this equity program, it will provide partnership capabilities, marketing support, and charitable giving, as well as amplify 11 artists from around the world on billboards in the US. GLOW has an extended reach, as it extends to 50+ markets all across the globe.

Google’s “Pride in Belonging” initiative

Google has the platform to educate over a billion users during Pride Month. They are doing so this year with Pride in Belonging, stating, “This year, we’re supporting LGBTQ+ communities with commitments to help fund and celebrate inclusive spaces that foster belonging for all.” Google is supporting businesses by allowing them to add the LGBTQ-friendly attribute to their Google Business Profile and donating millions of dollars in Google ad grants to LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

 Elevate Your Social Impact Campaigns

The key to showing support to the LGBTQ+ community is through authenticity, showing through both your words and your actions that you believe they matter and belong. If your organization is ready to take the next step and connect to others through a social impact campaign, we would love to join you. Connect with us today to learn more!

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