Katherine Newell
January 3, 2023
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Katherine Newell

Changemaker: Katherine Newell, The Faith Space

Since a young age, interspiritual minister, Katherine Newell, dreamt of a place where her two passions and what she terms “the root of transformation”, spirituality and social justice, can be mutually beneficial.

An Unexpected Beginning

While ritualizing the 2019 spring equinox, Katherine found herself writing nonstop–then six pages later she had crafted the founding documents to launch The Faith Space, a nonprofit offering ethical leadership development as a modality for social change.

Initially founded as an LLC, Katherine and her former business partner mostly served corporate organizations looking to improve their ethical practices. However, she realized that a for-profit institution inherently built from capitalism might not provide the ethical direction she was dedicated to following. “We tried the for-profit model, then realized it’s not what we’re built for. We really are a nonprofit, committed to serving society, not our bottom line.”

Offering Guidance To Leaders

“Our mission is to change the world personally and systemically, through education, integration, and transformation–which is the most important piece,” said Katherine. These components can be achieved through the Institute at The Faith Space, which offers holistic guidance and ethical education for the corporate space, as well as for individuals who seek support in their personal lives. Ongoing community engagement flourishes through their Membership options, which provide inspirational reminders and networking events.

Courses offered include Ethical Leadership 101, a five-part training for leaders to learn how to “make an impact, not just a profit”. This has been one of their most requested trainings since the inception of The Faith Space. Sacred Sales is another course, which guides participants in learning how to easily and ethically access prosperity and “hustle in a holistic way”.

For leaders already doing the work at the intersection of spirituality and social justice, The Collective offers an opportunity to commune and collaborate with one another in a spiritual think tank. This group is revolutionary and visionary, embodying the changes we deeply desire in our world. Katherine acknowledges the challenges of being a leader, especially one who is ethical. “The core component of an ethical leader is sustainability. My job is to become the best vessel for society that I can be,” she said.

A Light During A Dark Time

While some organizations have faced roadblocks in the wake of a global pandemic, The Faith Space has continued to gain momentum and further their impact outside of Denver. Between March and April, participation in their Membership grew 500%, and their online events have included representation from nine countries.

“Amid all of the tumultuous energy in the world, it felt like this was the moment for us to thrive. A confirmation from the universe to lean in,” Katherine said. Members have access to a diverse range of rituals, dialogues, and interviews in a variety of spiritual languages for participants.

The Faith Space is partially fueled by their monthly Members and organizations employing their ethical educational offerings. Love offerings and donations continue to keep The Faith Space afloat, and as a nonprofit, they’re always in need of more financial support. Katherine welcomes all avenues of monetary assistance to grow the organization’s impact and create a sustainable future. “As a minister, I feel that sustainability makes a difference, especially in this pandemic. None of what we’re doing matters if there is no earth,” she said.

Visit www.thefaithspace.org to learn more about courses offered and how you can be a part of a wonderful community.

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