Dare2tri Start the Season

Challenge accepted

Dare2tri typically hosts an event titled Start the Season to get community members excited about the upcoming race season. Unfortunately, this event was canceled in 2020 along with their annual gala, which is their largest fundraiser, resulting in a low donation year. In 2021, Dare2tri was still unable to host a Start the Season event in person, but wanted to make up for these lost fundraising dollars and get people excited for the
racing season.

Solution proposed

Strat Labs worked with Dare2tri to host a campaign in honor of Start the Season – “Start the Season with a Dare”. The Dare2tri community was “dared” to choose between:

  1. Dare2Run: Participate in a virtual 5K
  2. Dare2Give: Donate to support 2021 programs
  3. Dare2Race: Sign up for a 2021 race through their Race2Raise program

To incentivize community members to participate in the Dare2Run virtual 5K, we created a podcast and advertised it as an “audio guided run”. The podcast featured notable paralympic athletes and other well-known figures in the community sharing stories about times when they wanted to give up, but persevered, to encourage the Dare2tri community along their run. Listen to the podcast here.

Dare2Tri Podcast
Dare2Tri Runner

Problem solved

Dare2tri exceeded their goal of raising $10,000 in honor of Start the Season by raising a total of $11,482, and also secured new monthly donors in their Pacesetter program as well as new Race2Raise athletes.