April 4, 2024
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LinkedIn Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Members

LinkedIn is an effective and efficient way for nonprofit board members to enhance networking opportunities, increase fundraising efforts, and share their commitment to the organization they love. If your nonprofit is looking to grow your donor and volunteer community (and, who isn’t?) be sure to encourage your board members to use LinkedIn to engage with other professionals, colleagues, and industry leaders who may be searching for their next BIG thing to support: YOUR nonprofit! 


Here are some best practices for nonprofit board members to optimize their presence on LinkedIn:


Refine your LinkedIn Profile:

First and foremost, ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete, interesting, and presents a professional image ~ your best you. This includes a clear profile picture, an informative headline, and a summary highlighting your expertise and passion for your cause. I suggest including the words “Proud Board Member” or displaying the nonprofit’s logo in your profile. This first step is so important as you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. And, remember, you never get a second chance to do so. I think this profile of one of our client’s Board Members is a great one!  


Highlight Nonprofit Experience:

Share your experience and achievements in the nonprofit sector. Include details about your current role on the board, any committees you serve on, and specific projects or initiatives you’ve contributed to. Let others know why this particular mission is important to you. Do you have a personal connection with the cause, a friend or family member who inspires you, or something that has happened to you personally that attracts you to support this mission?


Connect with Fellow Board Members, Staff, and Committee Members from the Nonprofit:

Building a robust network with all of those associated with the nonprofit organization you are representing can facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential partnerships for your organization. It’s also a great way to stay connected to the day-to-day workings of the organization without much effort.


LinkedIn Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Members
Engaging with your nonprofit’s content can boost its visibility.

Share Relevant Content:

Share articles, updates, and insights about the nonprofit sector your organization is involved in. Include reposting trends, best practices, and success stories from your nonprofit and other sources as well. This helps position you as a thought leader and demonstrates your commitment to your cause. Try to post 1-2x per week.


Engage with Nonprofit Content:

Engage with content shared by your organization and other nonprofits in your network. Like, comment, and share posts to increase visibility and support the efforts of your colleagues. Take a few seconds to add your own voice and share why you think this post is important. Post about how proud you are of the hard work of the staff, volunteers, and other board members of the nonprofit organization. Be sure to highlight the good stuff as well as the challenges your organization faces.


Participate in Groups and Discussions:

Join LinkedIn groups relevant to the nonprofit sector and participate in discussions. This provides opportunities to learn from others, exchange ideas, make new connections, and stay updated on industry developments. In fact, Strat Labs just started our own LinkedIn: Changemaker Collective Group dedicated to philanthropy professionals. I encourage you to join and share the important work you are doing here and any articles that inspire you.


Utilize LinkedIn’s Fundraising Tools:

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s fundraising tools, such as including donation buttons in your posts or highlighting the organization’s ongoing fundraising campaigns. Promote these initiatives through your profile and network to increase awareness and support for your organization’s cause. Remember, 7-10 touches are typically needed before someone may decide to support your nonprofit organization. These impressions you can make for your nonprofit are like free commercials.


Attend and Promote Nonprofit Events:

Share information about your nonprofit’s events, fundraisers, and campaigns on your LinkedIn profile. Encourage your network to participate and support these initiatives, amplifying their reach and impact. If you attend, be sure to take photos so you can post them after the fact. 



Of course, there are many other ways to use LinkedIn, and I love this quick and easy-to-read Forbes article about the Right and Wrong Way to Network on LinkedIn here.

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